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Whether we are growing organically or Conventional IPM we use a series of traps and baits to monitor and protect our orchards.

Our basic code of orcharding is:

  • Bad Bugs Eat Apples
  • Good Bugs Eat Bad Bugs
  • We Make Our Orchards Friendly Homes for Good Bugs
Organic vs. IPM

Ricker Hill Orchards is a ninth generation family run farm, and throughout the years we have been very proud of how we treat our land and the environment around us. We do this not only for our benefit, but for the benefit of our sons and daughters who will live and work on the farm in the decades to come. We have always used a strict IPM philosophy in managing our orchards. IPM treatments are a way to grow large quantities of products by using the least amount of chemical additives and relying on natural predators and conditions to help grow our crops. We also are strong believers in organic growing methods, so whenever possible we try to grow a large portion of our orchard organically. These fields in addition to our IPM orchards have enabled us to offer you some of the most naturally grown choices in gift packs you can find.


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Posted by RICKER HILL ORCHARDS on Saturday, September 6, 2014
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